The PlayStation 5's New Logo Sure Looks Familiar

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Sony just showed off the PlayStation 5's logo on-stage at CES. It’s...well, yeah, it sure is a PlayStation console logo.


So you can see just how similar it is to the PS4's logo, here’s a comparison:

Don’t fix what ain’t broke, I guess!

That’s all Sony announced at the show, so if you were hoping for some more substantive updates on the company’s next console, you’ll have to wait until later in the year.

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On one end we have Sony, whose naming scheme is a bit boring, but consistent and easy to follow. On the other you have Nintendo whose names are varied, but at least have some kind of reasoning behind the names that ties to the console’s features (except for Wii and Wii U from what I can tell).

Then you have Microsoft, which is a clusterfuck of non-descriptive marketing buzzwords. I still love you though Microsoft, you silly bastards.