The PlayStation 5 Probably Won't Be a Console, Says Tekken Producer

This fall, the PlayStation 4 will finally be released. Enjoy that physical media playing game console thingy! As one game producer says, it could be the last of its kind for PlayStation.


In a recent interview in Famitsu, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada of Namco Bandai talked a bit about the future of the PlayStation, its network capabilities, and cloud services.

"I think in the future, it will be a contest of services instead of hardware," Harada said, adding that the cloud services will progress. For Harada, what he thinks will remain are the service's names.

"When there's the PS5, it will probably be just a controller and a monitor," Harada continued. "Then, the thing that will be left is the name of the service."

Continuing, Harada mentioned online services, like the PlayStation Network and Steam, of course.

Since the PlayStation 4 is coming out this fall, it's possible that the PlayStation 5 won't be out until around 2020 or slightly later. Everything Harada says sounds reasonable, but maybe we'll see devices that are closer to PS Vita TV than traditional home consoles. I would be surprised if physical game boxes were still released. Surprised, but also very happy.


Just wait until when the PlayStation 9 comes out. That's when stuff will get really interesting.

『鉄拳レボリューション』×『デッド オア アライブ 5 アルティメット 基本無料版』原田Pと早矢仕Pがトークバトル!? [ファミ通 via DualShockers via VG247]


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I love all the people talking about how this will be the last generation of consoles, or the last one to use physical media. It's like that scene in Back to the Future 2 where Marty goes to the year 2015 and we have flying cars and Nike trainers that lace themselves. Yes, we all get excited thinking about the future, but it's a way away yet.

We're not going to have another fifteen Jaws movies in the next two years, and physical media won't be gone in eight. Will digital be more popular? Quite possibly. Likely even. But when stores are still selling CDs fifteen years after downloading became a thing, I think we're getting a tad ahead of ourselves when we say that games on discs are done for.

PSP Go and the original Xbox One are just two victims of that "the future is now!" style of thinking. Slow and steady. We'll get there.