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The PlayStation 4 Is Now $50 More Expensive In Canada

Illustration for article titled The PlayStation 4 Is Now $50 More Expensive In Canada

If you live in Canada and are thinking about picking up a PlayStation 4, yesterday would have been good day. Today Sony Canada raised the console price from $399.99 to $449.99 Canadian, with similar increases applied to peripherals and first-party games.


Market watchers should have seen it coming. At current exchange rates, $399 Canadian is only $359 USD, so technically Canadians who managed to get their hands on the perpetually sold-out console were getting quite a deal before today. Markets are going to fluctuate, and Sony had to compensate, as explained in a statement issued by Sony Canada earlier this week.

"The PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system delivers phenomenal play experiences that will shape the world of games for years to come and has quickly become the next gen console of choice with gamers in Canada. To respond to changes in the market environment, the price of PlayStation 4 will be revised from CAD $399.99 to $449.99 MSRP."


Along with the console price hike, the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera are now $64.99 instead of $59.99 CDN, and first-party titles like MLB The Show 14 and Infamous: Second Son will be sold for $69.99 CDN, $10 more than the usual price.

The move makes sense, though I still think our Canadian friends deserve special dispensation for keeping our borders clear of giant arctic ice spiders every winter. They are a brave people, Sony Canada — cut them a break.

PlayStation 4 price to go up by $50 in Canada [ — Thanks, NinjaBlade!]

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Do Canadian prices include tax or are they done at pos like in the us?