The Plasmids and Tonics of BioShock 2

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BioShock 2 hits next Tuesday and MTV's Russ Frushtick wants you to be prepared, so he's put together a handy-dandy guide to the game's plasmids and tonics.


The list includes 10 known single-player Plasmids, and the mention of a single secret one. My favorite among the batch has to be the level 3 decoy which creates a simulacrum of yourself that will reflect damage back at enemies and heal the player as it is injured.

The many tonics of BioShock 2 are broken down into ten categories, allowing you to temporarily gain defense, research, elemental, melee, loot and headshot abilities as well as boost your Little Sister.


Hit up MTV for the full break down of goodies.

EXCLUSIVE: 'BioShock 2' Guide - Every Plasmid And Tonic Revealed [MTV Multiplayer]

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Ah, there's that street art/wallpaper that should have been one of the lithographs, if not, then the actual cover to this game.

If this game gets as good of reviews as the first game, and I actually wind up buying it, this might be what sends me spiraling into the world of alternative video game covers. I've been afraid to start because I know I will become too OCD about it, but I am tired of getting jipped on covers.