The Physics Of The Mushroom Kingdom Are Worthy Of Research

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Glenn Elert is a physics teacher from Brooklyn. He and his students did a little research recently, and published a serious paper reporting their findings. How serious? Mushroom Kingdom serious.


Yes, Ebert has wisely forgone teaching his kids about gravity the boring/realistic way, and instead decided to chart the gravity in the Mushroom Kingdom. So he and his students took each Mario game, tracked how long it took Mario to fall from a pre-determined height, and charted the results.

They found that, with each passing Mario game, the Kingdom's gravity gets closer and closer to matching that found in the real world, though it should be noted that the plumber's rate of descent "even on the newest consoles, is still extreme".

Acceleration Due to Gravity: Super Mario Brothers [The Physics Factbook, via Offworld]

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LllusionX Mailed the Fission

i always hear people say things like, LBP physics are too floaty compared to mario, but when i hear that, i think, did they really even measure physics on mario? i though they just had some sprites one day and had a set height and then made him fall fast enough to land. is that really physics or a good guess?

i animate cartoons and i'm so familiar with how things work i can make a realistic physics feeling, but seriously, i highly doubt they measured anything as complicated as this. theyre looking too far into this.