Illustration for article titled The PhotoShop Horror of a Wii U Controller That Looks Like a SNES Pad

It would be great if Nintendo released one of their Wii U Pro pads in a SNES finish. Preferably, a Japan/PAL colour scheme. Until they do, though, it's up to third party manufacturers to cater to that market.


Like this...hideous...thing. It's popped up on EB Games' Australian portal without so much as a manufacturer listing, the only information present being the photoshop horror you see above you.

I mean, the button layout is the same, so it could work. It's just...when a hackjob like this is all we've got to go on, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the final product. If such a product ever actually materialises.


SNES-Inspired Wii U Gamepad Coming [IGN]

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