The Persona And Mario Musical Performances From The Game Awards Kicked Ass

Illustration for article titled The iPersona /iAnd iMario /iMusical Performances From The Game Awards Kicked Ass
Screenshot: The Game Awards

Buried amidst the ads and announcements from The Game Awards earlier this evening were two very cool musical moments.

First up, near the beginning of the show was Lyn & the Persona Music Band playing the version of Last Surprise found in the spinoff Persona 5 Scramble:

And later on, the London Philharmonic Orchestra set up in Abbey Road studios and did a 2:55 medley of famous music from the Super Mario Bros. series:

Maybe next year we can skip all the commercials and just have a feel-good three-hour concert?


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I never got around to playing persona 5 when it came out but after I grabbed a PS5 I ended up playing it and just beating it a couple days ago. I’m surprised that I never got sick of the music.

I didn't know there was going to be a sequel but I'm all for it.