The Perfect Nintendo 3DS Experience... A Street Pass Bonanza With A Cameo Appearance By A Real Shark

What happens when a bunch of game journalists and game developers from Capcom converge in Miami for a multi-day showcase of Capcom games? A lot of 3DS Street Passing. This is how Nintendo's unusual approach to social networking is supposed to work.


(Note: The image you see above before starting the video features the Mii of Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono greeting my Mii, as seen on my 3DS.)

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Dangit, and I still have yet to have even ONE Streetpass. I've even dropped by a bunch of electronic stores with sleeping 3DSes behind the counters.

You'd think those responsible for gaming in electronics stores would think to have a Streetpass thingy ready. Would be good, sneaky advertising for the store to find a store-related Mii wandering about on your system after passing it.