The folks at Firaxis are responsible for some of the best strategy games ever made, so when they promise a deep, competitive, free-to-play strategy game for iOS in this spring's Haunted Hollow, it's a good time to be an iDevice owner.

In Haunted Hollow, players construct elaborate mansions that spawn all sorts of nasty horror standards — vampires, witches, werewolves and such. Once established, they'll compete against rivals as they take over townhomes, terrorize the populace, fight enemies and generally take over the town, as large bands of monsters have been doing since the invention of the spooky mansion (the spooky condo was just not getting the job done).

Evil overlords will be able to play single-player games by their lonesome, or take down other devilish landlords via pass-and-play or Game Center multiplayer.

Haunted Hollow will be out on iOS this spring. I will be playing it. I'll let you know how that goes.