The PC and Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Trailers, Head-to-Head

We've recently seen two trailers for Battlefield 3, one with footage from the Xbox 360 version, one from the PC version, both showing gameplay from "Operation Guillotine."


While watching the recently released 360 trailer, I was struck by how much better the PC version looked, despite the fact that the clips in the 360 version are a bit different. I cobbled together the video above to let y'all take a look too. (Neither clip was incredibly high-res to begin with, and the mortar clip is pretty short for the PC—sorry, you work with what ya got!)

So, it's hard to tell too much, but considering how incredible the PC version of the game has been looking, the 360 version actually isn't looking too shabby. Though of course, we'll have to wait to see a good deal more of the 360 version (and to see a daytime mission) to tell more.

I'm mostly curious as to why no one gets stabbed in the 360 trailer. Maybe stabbing is PC-exclusive.

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