For Buddhist monks in Thailand, life is strict with loads of rules. Days are spent meditating and chanting. This apparent monk, however, spent his day doing something else.

As pointed out by Coconuts Bangkok, these images first appeared on Facebook site FuckGhost, and they apparently show a Thai monk looking at adult movies. The one he is supposedly holding looks to be titled "Nipples." The story has even spread to the Taiwanese and major Chinese site Xinhua.


What's the big deal? As explains, "According to monastic discipline, a monk cannot be alone with a woman. A woman cannot touch a monk and she cannot give something directly to a monk to avoid any contact." (Here's even more context.)

Here is how people usually think of Buddhist monks in Thailand:


[Photo: Wasu Watcharadchapong / Shutterstock]

The alleged monk spent a long time looking at the movies and apparently ended up buying three pornos.

Of course, this shopper might be a fake monk or this could be a Photoshop hoax. Coconuts Bangkok reports that the photo was taken at Khlong Thom Center, an electronics market with a vast selection of pornography for those unfamiliar with a new invention they're calling "the internet."


Back in 2012, the Bangkok Post ran a story titled, "Partying monks had drugs, gun, porn." Of course, not all Buddhist monks in Thailand are like this! So, please, don't think that. Still, the country's National Office of Buddhism launched a hotline earlier this month for people to report bad monk behavior.

ฟักโกสต์ : สมาคมต่อต้านสิ่งงมงาย's Photos [FuckGhost via Coconuts Bangkok]

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