Japan And Europe's SNES Classic Is Better

Japan’s Classic Mini boxart is A++++

Just like how the actual PAL/JP Super Nintendo looked better than the North American model, so too it is with the Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which like the NES Mini will release in two versions.

Americans will be getting the one we showed you earlier today, while those in Japan, Europe and Australia will be getting this little beauty instead:


What makes the PAL version particularly fun is that a number of the games included never actually came out on the SNES in Europe or Australia: Final Fantasy VI wasn’t released until the PlayStation era, while Earthbound wasn’t commercially available until its Virtual Console release.

And the Japanese edition includes a number of games that we won’t be getting in Western versions of the hardware, like Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Konami’s The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

Any Americans wanting to get hold of this version of the console instead should be able to (try and) order it from retailers like Amazon UK; the usual hardware import problems like power adapters don’t really apply when the SNES Classic Mini runs on USB.


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