The Original Plan For BioShock Infinite's Boys of Silence Sounded Awesome

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The Boys of Silence are BioShock Infinite bad guys. The original plan was for them to make you pay for all your noise.


The Boys were going to wait to attack the player, BioShock Infinite 's art director Nate Wells explained today during a panel about the game's bad guys at the PAX East convention. They were going to wait for you to make too much noise. The bullets you fire? They'd hear them and sort of collect their sound. The steps you take? They might collect those too. Eventually they'd have enough and attack. These enemies would compel you to choose quieter weapons, the game's creative director, Ken Levine, added.

Illustration for article titled The Original Plan For emBioShock Infinite/ems Boys of Silence Sounded Awesome

Unfortunately, the Boys won't do that. Well, maybe it's fortunate, because the Irrational guys said the concept didn't work. Players wouldn't understand what was happening. They'd not see a Boy of Silence who was collecting their sound and wouldn't understand why one was suddenly attacking them. The Irrational team tried to compensate by having ambient noises drop from the game's environment as a Boy of Silence collected sound. That wasn't the right fix. So the function of the Boys of Silence has changed. We'll find out their new set of rules when BioShock Infinite is released this October.

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

How about just an aural cue when they collected a sound. With those giant "ears," it could be that sound is painful to them. Make them give out a moan or something when a sound is collected.

Can you fucking imagine it? Walking in a dark hallway, shooting for your life, then all of a sudden you hear a loud "mmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhooooooooo" through your speakers. You have no idea where it came from...but you know this badass is close, has already heard you, and you had better change your tactics immediately or he will spring on you from no where.

Maybe even make it strategic. There are two of them in a room. You shoot near one to make him give out a loud moan, which the OTHER one hears and gets pissed at the FIRST one. You could use sound to get them pissed at each other and take each other out!

Now THAT would have been tense. I see no reason why something like that couldn't have been done.