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The Original Capture the Flag Game Makes Its Online Multiplayer Debut

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I had completely forgotten how much fun the classic strategy board game Stratego was until I played the online multiplayer version launched today by Keesing Games on Facebook, and the iPad.

All the subterfuge, misdirection and mechanics of the beloved strategy board game come to life like never before in Stratego Online, and you never have to worry about your opponent getting angry and upending the playfield. Players can compete in full 40 piece ranked matches, 10 piece arena battles or test their mettle against the game's artificial intelligence before taking their game online, and cross-platform play across web, iPad and Facebook means there's never a lack of opponents.

Players can spend money on in-game currency to purchase new boards and other pieces of customization fluff, but the game is completely free-to-play on Facebook and The iPad version is $6.99 for some odd reason, but I suppose the dedicated competitor will have no problem laying down some cash in exchange for convenience.


The only problem I have with Stratego Online is that Keesing decided to announce this at the beginning of my work day instead of the end. Might be time for strategic extra laptop placement.

Note: In case you logged into my session via the link above (since changed), try not to lose.