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The One About the Guy Who Married a Video Game

Illustration for article titled The One About the Guy Who Married a Video Game

This week a church in Guam pronounced a man and his copy of dating sim Love Plus husband and, well, wife, and the happy couple will be hosting a reception in Japan that you are cordially invited to view tomorrow.


The unnamed man took his DS and the game to Guam where he said vows with to Nene Anegasaki, one of three virtual girlfriends featured in Love Plus. Tomorrow, the couple will have a reception held on Niconico Douga at around 12 p.m. (no time zone given, check local listings on the site, if you can read Japanese.) The media has been invited to attend; slides will be shown from their time dating up through the wedding.

I've heard of dudes marrying a mannequin before so, this not in fact the most weird-slash-creepy-slash-pathetic thing I've ever heard. But my forced nonjudgment about this really needs its own word. Begrimaced? Bittersad?


Some Dude Married His Love Plus Girlfriend [Tiny Cartridge via Gizmodo]

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Dallas Peterson

So, and this line of thinking was completely brought on by my fiancee Joy, not my original though (she forced me to say that), but, does that make every other player of Love Plus that has selected this girl committing adultery?

I explained to Joy that the game doesn't connect to the internet, and therefore doesn't communicate with other instances of the game; each copy of the game contains an identical, although separate, copy of this girl's programming.

She argued, even if they don't communicate, the digital coding, on the binary level, in each copy of the game for this girl, is exactly the same; essentially making this girl and every other player of the game who has chosen her an adulterer. Ever watch Ghost in the Shell? I'm fully aware that this girl lacks self-consciousness, but for argument's sake, there could conceivably at some point in the future arise a conflict in precedent based on this event. Discuss.