BioWare fleshed out the Republic Trooper class for Star Wars: The Old Republic over the holiday weekend, detailing the classes advancement options, companions and starships, while giving us a glimpse of a feisty female Trooper bringing out the heavy artillery.

In more recent Star Wars developers the Troopers are all male, mainly because they're all cloned from one guy. In the time of The Old Republic, anyone can be a Trooper, be they male or female, human or Zabrak.


The Trooper is a warrior in The Old Republic, armed to the teeth and capable of growing into the damage-centric Commando or the defensive powerhouse that is the Vanguard. They get the coolest armor in the game and pilot the most powerful spaceship, which should make up for the fact that they are not nearly as awesome as Jedi or as smooth and sexy as the Smuggler.

Hit up the link below for all you've ever wanted to know about the Trooper in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Trooper Dossier [The Old Republic]

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