The Old Republic's Opening Cinematic Writes Checks the Game Can't Cash

Even if BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic fails miserably, it will leave behind a series of extremely impressive cinematic trailers. How can a game possibly follow an opening cinematic this spectacular?


The Sith have returned, the Republic is in grave danger, a Smuggler comes into his own, and war is waged with the same weapons they'll be using thousands of years in the future. Yep, this is definitely Star Wars. It's even got someone fending off enemy forces using a turret while the good-hearted scoundrel waits for the warp engines to power up.

The story is vaguely familiar, but the action is wonderful. At this rate I'd pay BioWare $50 just to have their cinematic team remake one of the prequel films.

Now if only the actual game was this exciting. It's nice, to be sure, but you don't get to feeling like a tough-as-nails Smuggler by clicking several hundred times in a row.


Great trailer. I still have hopes that SWTOR will get the DIKU-style combat system (Google it) MMO right.

No repetitive quests.

No repeated instance grinding.

Evolving storylines and characters.

The ability to advance to pinnacle either though solo or group play.

The game isn't going to be as deep or compelling an MMO experience as Guild Wars 2 — of that I am convinced. It can, however, still be a GOOD GAME.