The Zelda Soundtrack You Probably Haven't Heard About

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has an iconic soundtrack, but the game also has a second official soundtrack that was only released in Japan. It's really good.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Re-Arranged Album debuted in Japan on December 22, 1999. Arranged and performed by artist MOKA, the 12-track album featured remixes of most of Koji Kondo's pieces from OoT, from the battle and shop music to area-specific themes like Lon Lon Ranch and the Lost Woods.

Sadly, a remix to the theme for Gerudo Valley is not on the album. These are a few of my favorite tracks that did make the final cut.

If you like what you hear, the album is available to import for a fairly reasonable price on Amazon.


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A word of warning: 99% of copies of that CD available to purchase online are bootlegs, if you are interested a genuine copy then Amazon and eBay are the last places I would look. I bought a copy many years ago and found out that it was fake. After some digging, I found out about a company called Miya Records who are infamous for producing knockoff copies of game/anime soundtracks -…

Miya's bootlegs are easy to spot. If you want a legitimate copy, e-mail the seller beforehand and ask for the CD's serial number.