The Official Bulletstorm Breast Size Debate

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The main female character in macho first-person shooter Bulletstorm will have somewhat realistic proportions, thanks to the game's producer.


Techland's Evan Narcisse got to the topic of debate during a recent interview with Tanya Jessen, the Epic Games producer for next year's Bulletstorm. She describes a conversation she had with the game's creative director, Adrian Chmielarz of Epic-owned People Can Fly studios.

Tanya Jessen, Epic Games: Trischka's character is very much a product of me because I wanted a strong female character that wasn't stereotypically hot. But still, obviously had a way about her that implied sexiness. You know, [sarcastically] the fight for boob size was an awesome one. It was probably a week of back and forth, like…

Techland: From B to D cup?

Jessen: It was everything imaginable. It was width. It was the cleavage showing. It was height, from top to bottom. It was the level of bounciness. It was all of that. I'm in Adrian's office, like, "Adrian, come on. No! Are you crazy? Trishka, she's our badass. She's going kick your ass and take no prisoners! She's sexy because she has the confidence. She doesn't need to have giant breasts!" Adrian is like, "She's so hot, she needs to have a giant rack. I love chicks in video games that have giant boobs." I could see his face was kind of sad. I think we came to a good middle ground. He genuinely wanted what he considers the most beautiful looking woman in the game. What I wanted is a believable, strong, not-stereotypical fighter chick.

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This is a debate for less fantastic and more sensible female body types in video games that we've heard before. Mirror's Edge, anyone? It's also the first instance I'm aware of of anyone on the Bulletstorm team arguing successfully for the subtler approach. This is the game about getting points for impaling bad guys on cacti, remember?

The rest of the interview focuses on Jessen's hard working in the games industry that earned her the Bulletstorm gig, from game testing to producing a marquee game.


Origins: Tanya Jessen, Lead Producer on Bulletstorm [Techland, via Adrian Chmielarz's Twitter feed]


Joel Rubin

Okay, she's hot as it is. But the thing is, she'd be hot no matter what her boob size was—what makes her hot is the way she's standing, her attitude, the fact that she looks like she'll kick my ass, everything else, really.

What I really object to this concept that kickass women CANNOT have big boobs. My wife was a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER on a small circuit in Missouri, and could suplex my 290lb ass if she wanted, yet is only 5'3", has good muscle tone and a narrow waist, and has somewhere around FF sized boobs, I can guarantee that women can be badass/athletic and have boobs—the two are not exclusive. I was actually surprised when I saw Ivy in Soul Calibur for the first time—she had about the same body type. But Ivy is probably one of the most derided characters in gaming, called her unrealistic and ridiculous.

Now I can understand the hubbub because in games, a lot of women have teh boobies. But to assume that that is somehow out of the norm or insulting to womenkind is equally offensive. Saying the kick-ass woman CAN'T have breasts is just as tacky and insulting as saying she MUST.

This reminds me of the petty squabbling and viciousness of girls in high school—the skinny girls hate the voluptuous ones, and vice versa. I mean, these are games—fantasy. Period. You have athletic guys like Nathan from Uncharted, you have hulks of meat like Kratos or anyone from Gears of War. Or you have fashion model skinny like No More Heroes. But all of them are idealized and a little unbelievable—because it's fantasy.

Women, if you consider yourselves true feminists, you should be looking at just about every other aspect of the character before you look at superficial features like "Doez she has the b00biez?!", otherwise you're right in the gutter where you think all us men are.

Bottom line: It. Shouldn't. Matter. The fact that it does shows more about you than everyone else. It's not like we don't have dozens of female characters that are not overly buxom: Jade, Alyx, Nuriko, Ada Wong, Cammy, Chun-Li, Claire Redfield, Lightning, Rikku, Yuffie, Aeris, Faith, Yuna—hell, it's pretty damned evenly spread as to who is thin, and who is buxom. It is a goddamned NON-ISSUE at this point.

How about this—Make the kick-ass woman have good musculature, good roles, good dialogue, good mechanics, and can hold their own in any situation. Now ask what tit size really has to do with any of that.

If you're this focused on bewbs, male or female, you need to grow up. There is a lot more to the characters we play, and if that's all you get hung up on in female characters, the problem is with you.