The only thing more fun than receiving holiday gifts is... I'm going to go with giving them here, for the sake of not sounding like a monster. But a close second is telling everybody about the presents you secured during the winter festivities. I'll go first!

Honestly this year was more about my kids than me. Seamus and Archer (yes, named after the cartoon) are both old enough to understand what's going on with Christmas now, and the joy on their faces when they realized all the stuff under the tree was for them — it was pretty priceless. So yeah, giving it pretty great.


As for getting, my wife has done an outstanding job of tolerating the fact that I'm just a big thirteen year old.

All the Transformers I wanted, save for the Predaking reissue — she could only find him on Amazon, and we have a joint account so the element of surprise would be lost. She also grabbed me one of the last two The Lego Movie building sets I don't yet own, and some excellent Welcome To Night Vale posters.

As an extra added bonus, this morning we were visited by the Christmas Carrion Birds.

How'd you guys make out? Give or get anything you're particularly proud of or ecstatic about? Lay it on us.


image via Shutterstock