The Not-So-Real Dangers Of Power-Leveling

Aion developer NCsoft and Rooster Teeth have teamed up to educate massively-multiplayer online game players about the dangers of mafia-run power-leveling operations that probably don't exist.

Yes, power-leveling services are a bad idea. You have to hand your username and password over to strangers, who then have access to all of your personal information, or at least your name and address, which they can then use to mail you very nasty letters.

There are dangers involved with employing such services that go beyond breaking a game's end-user agreement, but they can generally be avoided. Changing your password before handing it over to the service, putting in false personal information and then changing it back once the account is back in your hands, and similar precautions can keep the mafia off your back.


But really, why the hell would you power-level anyway? It's all about enjoying the game, isn't it?

Oh, and also, this is not laugh-out-loud funny, no matter what the Aion post says.

The More You MMO #2 - A Bad Deal [Aion]

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Michael Dukakis

So yous guys are gonna get me to level 60 with in a few days! How can I lose?