The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers

The recent 4.00 Nintendo Switch update has a secret: It brings GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch.


By connecting a GameCube controller via the Wii U adapter, the Switch console will now read it, allowing players to use the controller with seemingly any Switch game.

Is it too early to start assuming that a Smash Bros. announcement is imminent? Yes?

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The GameCube controller is the most efficient and intuitive controller created for mainstream consoles.

o: The buttons are unique for fast recognition (unlike PS where all buttons are the same),

o: The sticks are different for better recognition and varied gameplay,

o: The shoulder-buttons has absolute stunning precision because of the depth, plus a very very charming and useful click function which actually physically makes a difference between 0-95 and 100.

o: No L1,L2,L3 confusion. Simple L,R,Z layout makes every button completely transparent and intuitive to interact with.

It’s like the console manufacturers, including Nintendo, completely forgot about this humble revolution of a standard controller.

I miss it. Can you tell?