The Nintendo DSi LL In Pleasant Four Player Action

Nintendo's new DSi model—dubbed the DSi LL in Japan, DSi XL elsewhere—is huge. How huge? Nintendo of Japan's new DSi LL promo video helps to illustrate just how huge, offering an attractive Japanese family to show scale.

There's not much to this recently released Japanese language clip, but it does show the Nintendo DSi LL in the proposed four-player compatibility mode, allowing for one player and three spectators, pleasantly appealing to those young, old, with preference for large or small stylus, whatever. If you prefer your portable platforms large and your plastic brown, this might be ad that convinces you to import a Japanese Nintendo DSi LL.


With the biggie sized platform due to hit Japan next week, we're sure to get impressions soon. I'm looking at you, Ashcraft!



Remind me when incremental updates with no fundamental changes became the norm as opposed to major earth-shattering changes?

This is the 4th version of the DS we've seen since its release, and each time very little has changed except stylistically. If you have a niche that is not satisfied, is adding an inch or two to the screen size of existing hardware really the most efficient way to pursue it?

On the plus side, Nintendo will hopefully stand to lose millions, wake up to reality, and possibly stop making DSXL's and Vitality Sensors... #nintendodsill