The Nintendo Download: Punching Animals And Toasting Sandwiches

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This week's Nintendo Download features a game called Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time, and a DSiWare game that lets you punch anthropomorphic animals in the face. What more could you people possibly want?


It gets better! In Stickmen Studios' Doc Clock for WiiWare, the titular doctor travels through time, building inventions out of parts he finds and battling misguided robots as he strives to find his lost cat and built the perfect sandwich toasting machine. That might be the best game plot summary I've ever typed.

It also gets a little worse, as Gammick Entertainment's Animal Boxing is a re-release of a Nintendo DS game that no one really liked in the first place, even though you could physically assault cats. Just goes to show that even games with can't-miss concepts can miss.


Flip through the gallery to see if anything tickles your fancy this week!

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Man I am tired of (and indie games, I'm looking at you here) developers just trying to come up with the most OUTRAGEOUS plots. I don't mind a little inanity now and then, but it seems like lately ever game is trying to trump the other in terms of how crr-crrr-aaaaaaazy it can be.