The Nintendo Download: Mr. Driller Strikes Back

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This week in the Nintendo Download, a Super Nintendo space epic continues, Mr. Driller drills anew, and tiny bubbles must be destroyed at all costs.


LucasArts continues to roll out the Super Star Wars goodness this week with Super Empire Strikes back, the 16-bit retelling of the classic tale of Luke Skywalker, the sister he kissed, and the father who cut off his hand. It's like an episode of space Springer up in here, and it's yours for 800 Wii points. Now we only have to wait for Super Return of the Jedi, unless someone mans up and creates Super Phantom Menace.

WiiWare gets a visit from Mr. Driller this week, with Mr. Driller W, an updated version of Namco Bandai's colorful drilling challenge. 800 Wii points nets you more than 20 stages of twisting-bit action, with a tutorial thrown in for the uninitiated.


Rounding out the Nintendo Download this week is Nnooo's Pop+ Solo, a DSiWare bubble popping game It comes complete with eight game modes, collectible badges, and a challenge mode that lets you create your own challenges, making for endless replayability for a mere 500 DSi Points.

Nintendo Downloads for August 24th [Evil Avatar]

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i love mr driller but not enough to get a wii (again).