The Nintendo Download: Lo-Fi Skateboarding And Pretty Girls Poker

The most chill skateboarding game ever.
The most chill skateboarding game ever.
Screenshot: Snowman

It’s Nintendo Download day, the day when we get a look at the *checks list* 30 new games coming to the Switch eShop over the coming week. This week’s activities include chilling on a skateboard and playing poker with those boom anime babes that make you think the wrong thing.


My personal highlight of this week’s Nintendo Download is, perhaps unsuprisingly, Skate City, the console release of the formerly Apple Arcade exlusive skateboarding game from the creators of Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure. It’s low-pressure boarding through stylized courses inspired by real-world skate locations while low-fi beats play in the background. It’s smooth and sweet and I love to play it.

Also this week, Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition. It’s about playing poker with anime girls dressed in fantasy-inspired outfits. This is a thing you can play on the Nintendo Switch.

Screenshot: Eastasiasoft

Click through the links below for more fun and surprises from this week’s Nintendo Download.

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