Skate City Rolls Onto PC And Consoles May 6

Gif: Snowman

Skate City, the artful street skating game from Alto’s Odyssey creators Snowman and Norweigian developer Agens, finally makes the leap from Apple Arcade to PC and console next month, bringing its chill lo-fi beats and dreamy rides to PlayStations, Xboxens, Switch, and PC on May 6.


If I did not need to cover Apple Arcade for work, I would have readily subscribed to service for Skate City. Like the Alto games before it, it’s all about riding and relaxing, pulling off tricks at your leisure. The action is simple and beautiful, the music is sublime. It’s a great game for unwinding at night or just squeezing in a moment of zen during a hectic day. Here’s a taste.

Skate City is a whole mood. Look for it next month wherever whole moods are sold.

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Am I just a jerk? This looks terrible. I mean I wanna play it, for science, and to make sure my hypothesis is correct. It just seems really unpolished. The jumping animations for the tricks aren’t smooth or organic looking. Maybe we’ve just had it too good with Skate and the THPS remake.

I really hope this is alpha footage. If what I’m saying doesn’t sound right to you, watch the trailer at 25% speed to really see. There’s no ollie pop into the trick it just lifts off the ground. It’s ugly.