The Nintendo Download: It's Picross Day, Motherpuzzlers

Hells yeah.
Hells yeah.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Another Thursday, another 35+ new games for the Nintendo Switch. This week one of those games is Picross S6. The rest of them? Shantae? MotoGP 21? Dungholes? Not nearly as important.


It must be hard being a Nintendo Switch game released the same day as a new installment of math deduction puzzler Picross. It doesn’t matter if you’re a classic like the original Shantae for the Gameboy Advance, a new cute indie like Buildings Have Feelings Too!, or an annual motorcycle racer like MotoGP 21. Compared to Picross, ya basic.

Here are the games coming out for the Switch over the next week or so. Only one of them is Picross.

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For any that’s slowly following the Picross series like me, all the previous games are on sale. Now that S6 is out, I will be picking up S5 =)