The Nintendo 3DS Leaves This Man Red-Faced

Nintendo's upcoming glasses-free 3D gaming peripheral is a wonder. With 3D on, it's like the on-screen objects are popping out at you. Just as MegawinTV finds out after checking out the handheld's cardboard version.

MegawinTV is a Japanese comedy troupe — think a sillier, Japanese version of Mega64. The group's Twitter explains their mission best: "we, Samurai, are making original comedy movies in japan!!We're pleasure that people over the world enjoy our movies!!"

Their videos tend to be short (between one and two minutes) and pretty easy to understand even if one doesn't speak Japanese. Besides making videos about things like 3DS pre-orders and R4 devices, they experience drifting, rub magic back lamps and throw beans at an orge.


Megwin gets an early hands-on with the Nintendo... [Tiny Cartridge]

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