The Ninja? They're Gonna Attack!

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: 13 Hours


Got a book in the mail! Matt Alt, game localizer and all around nice guy, sent me a copy of his new book, Ninja Attack! He previously wrote Yokai Attack!, which is about, well, yokai.

Full disclosure: Both books are published by Kodansha International, which publishes my books, Arcade Mania and Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential.

Besides writing his own stuff, Alt's localized a load of games that range from Dragon Quest VII to Ninja Gaiden II!


ANYWAY, I haven't started reading it, because I've spent the day working, but the illustrations and layout look great. More info about the book here.

To answer your question Totilo, I do like working at home, but sometimes wished I worked in an office. There isn't a clear divide between "work" and "private", so I often feel like I'm always at work — if that makes any sense. However, I am very happy I do not have to deal with trains or traffic when I walk to desk. Only small children get in my way.


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