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The Next Silent Hill Already Has Bonkers Fan Theories

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The PS4 teaser for Silent Hills may end up having nothing to do with the final product. Still, it's fascinating to hear fans speculate on what the next Silent Hills game may be about based on P.T. The actual game isn't even out yet and people are already making theories about it!

Warning: there is not only spoilers for P.T. in here, but also talk of out-there stuff, like multiple dimensions. DreamcastGuy goes all out in his analysis of P.T., and it's great:

I'm not 100% convinced you'll end up playing as a gamer in Silent Hills proper, but the stuff leading up to that theory is still interesting. It's also not the only fan theory out there on P.T.


Over in Reddit thread, there are a few predictions about the final game's location and story.

Here's crunchtimestudio on the number 204863, which appears on P.T. promotional stuff. As some of you know, it's similar to the birthday of Hideo Kojima (August 24, 1963). But there's potentially more:

A quick Google search of the number leads here:…

Why is this interesting? Well, the number describes the genome for a plant called Populus Trichocarpa (PT) - actually a tree that grows in the Northwest United States. Also, the header of the page is also Plant Transcription (again, PT). May be a bit tenuous, but perhaps a hint at the games intended locale? The Washington area would be a good fit for Silent Hill - its rainy, foggy and forested.


Another theory by crunchtimestudio, this time based on the name of the game, Silent Hills:

I think the title is a clue as to what the game will entail. Silent Hills - as in plural - I think will refer to the meta-story of there being a personal 'Silent Hill' for everyone, like we have seen with the game series so far. i think the game will deal largely with this 'multiple universes' theme, as we have seen hinted at in PT:

'The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?'

And finally we have a few theories on the numbers and story, courtesy of darkitp:

2 - after the bathroom door closed and you reset back again , you come back to see the tall man that was standing in front the hallway, i think this guy is the pyramid head

3 - there are writing in the wall at the top of the door in end name Lisa , which i believe it may refereed to Lisa the Nurse from Silent Hill 1

so i believe this could be either a backstory for Lisa's Husband , or Set in different storyline that sets back to 1970 where you meet a young Dahlia Gillespie and the Order


What do you think, do any of these sound convincing? I'm totally into the idea of multiple realities or dimensions, but who knows! Maybe the actual game will be nothing like P.T. Still, it's kind of hard to stop the hype train.