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The Next Phoenix Wright Is Rated M (For Murder?)

Is Phoenix Wright going all Law & Order on us? Capcom's next lawyer game will be rated M—presumably not for Maya Fey—and people are totally freaking out about it.


Phoenix Wright games are always about bloody murder, and you always investigate crime scenes full of grisly-albeit-cartoonish evidence, but until now, every game in the series has been rated T for Teen. This next one, Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, is M for Mature, maybe because it's in 3D? Or is the series taking a turn for the morbid?

Well, probably not. These two new gameplay trailers (above and below) show a Phoenix Wright that's just as goofy and charming as its predecessors.

Dual Destinies is out this fall for 3DS as a digital release.

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Jason Schreier

I wonder if Capcom's decision to release the game digital-only in North America has something to do with this rating.