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Mass Effect Andromeda’s next patch has the sort of improvements you might expect, like expanded character creation options. It also has something very unusual for a video game patch: it adds another gay romance route for lovesick space adventurers.


As we reported earlier this year, there was much controversy within the LGBT Mass Effect fan community due to fewer romance options that were considered paltry next to the offerings for straight characters. The disappointment was not helped by data miners’ discovery that, at one point, it seemed as if Jaal the Angaran was available as a male romance option for male Ryders—but that didn’t make it into the full game. In patch 1.08, that’s going to change. Here’s Bioware, explaining why they’re adding this to the game:

Scott Ryder did not have a same-sex squadmate available as a romance option, nor could the achievement for completing three romances be achieved with only male same-sex partners. And as the angara have expressed their fluidity in how they perceive gender, it seemed only natural that Scott could have a relationship with Jaal.

However, we understand that a character’s orientation is an important part of what makes them feel real. The relationships with your crew are some of the most loved and cherished parts of our games, so we wanted to make sure we got it right. We consulted with members of the LGBTQ community, both externally and within our own studios. After carefully considering all feedback, we decided this was an important change to make, and one that made sense for Jaal, Scott, and the angara.

Our writing, editing, and animation teams worked together to ensure this change made sense for Jaal’s character, and the result is a relationship we hope feels as fulfilling and memorable for Scott as it does for Sara.


No ETA on when players can download the patch, or even what, exactly, Jaal’s male romance path will look like, but you can read the full notes here.

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