Insomniac's made big moves these last few months, pulling away from PlayStation exclusivity and declaring that they won't be making any future Resistance games. You could argue that the future of the highly regarded developer is more independent but more risky, too. One thing's certain: toys are on the way.

Insomniac announced Overstrike—to be published by EA— at E3 2011 and, though their next big original IP bet isn't out yet, merchandise development is underway. Figures based on the Dalton and Naya characters from the co-op action game's four-person squad showed up at the Diamond Select booth. Diamond let me take these shots even though there's a big ol' no photos signs. (These designs aren't final, as they haven't been approved by Insomniac yet.) But it still surprised me that a new untested video game property—even one from a developer as beloved as Insomniac—would be debuting tie-in toys at Toy Fair 2012. Let's call it a vote of confidence towards a positive reception for Overstrike.