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The Next Big Star Wars Game Is Still Far, Far Away

Illustration for article titled The Next Big Star Wars Game Is Still Far, Far Away

The Old Republic, a new massively-multiplayer game set in the Star Wars universe, won't be out this year, obviously. But what about early next year?


Nope, it won't be out then, either, with publisher Electronic Arts' CFO Eric Brown, saying it won't be out until at least EA's 2012 fiscal year.

Now, the 2012 fiscal year isn't the same as the 2012 calendar year. It begins in April 2011, not January 2012. So Star wars fans eager for an MMO that doesn't suck, don't freak out, it doesn't mean the game is another two years away.


What it means is that a release next Fall or Summer seems likely, but isn't certain.

EA: Star Wars: The Old Republic Not Coming Before April 2011 [Gamasutra]

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I have no hopes for this game being any good.

Nobody's really figured out how to do MMO ever since WoW showed up.

They're too busy trying to beat wow to make a good game.