A Red Lantern luchador, Mecha Wonder-Woman, Nightmare Superman—new characters and costumes for DC's free to play Infinite Crisis continue to be a weekly delight. The newest options are Supergirl and Ame-Comi Zatanna (and Zatanna's giant bunny):

First up is Ame-Comi Zatanna:

Gather around Protectors: The show's about to begin! Light up the lost sectors with this new, anime-inspired take on the Mistress of Magic, Zatanna Zatara.

Featuring a stylish wave of neon blue hair, flowing coat-tails, a redesigned, stage magician themed bustiere, and a tiny little top hat, this costume is certain to dazzle and amaze all audiences. (Warning: Dazzling your enemies may require copious amounts of rabbits and power damage.)

Interested in adding this costume to your magical wardrobe? Make it appear from the Infinite Crisis Store for only 650 crisis coins.


And also revealed this week is Supergirl:

Like her cousin Superman, Kara Zor-El survived the destruction of Krypton by escaping in a spacecraft of her father’s design.

Placed into a state of suspended animation, Kara’s craft followed the course set by her then-infant cousin. But instead of Kara’s trip taking a matter of seconds, like it had for her cousin, it took decades.

When she crash-landed on Earth, Kara awoke to her powers immediately manifesting. While wrestling with these powers, she was astonished to meet her cousin, now a grown man. The worst shock, though, was what came last: Kal-El, solemn, told her they were the only survivors of Krypton.

Overwhelmed by despair, feeling anger toward the alien world where she felt trapped, Kara discovered a resilience she didn’t know she possessed. She now deals with her grief while discovering a love of her new home world, Earth.

Fast, strong, and always willing to pick a fight, Supergirl is a bruiser who loves getting up-close and personal.


Via Infinite Crisis.

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