The New Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Lets You Retrace Your Deaths

Today, Zelda receives its first piece of downloadable content, The Master Trials. The DLC’s got some new goodies and a new mode, but one of the best additions has to be a map function called “Hero’s Path.”

To access it, simple go to your map and press X. From there, you should see a mess of green lines like so:


Those lines are everywhere you’ve been during your adventure through Hyrule. If you press A to make it play, it’ll show you your path from start to finish, but more importantly, it will stop and showcase every single death you’ve suffered thus far. Here’s my timeline of shame. Pay no mind to the sections where I repeatedly died in the same place:

The way Link screams for every death is just *chef kiss*

If you’d like, you can even zoom in on areas to get a closer look at your path through terrain, so long as it is in the overworld:

Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo’s trek through a labyrinth.

I imagine this tool will be useful for anyone hoping to discover new stuff, because Hero’s Path also gives you an idea of where you haven’t been. That said, Hero’s Path only logs in the last 200 hours of your playthrough.

Looking at your own path, dear reader, do any of your deaths stand out? For me, it’s this one, which I experienced while trying out Stephen Totilo’s copy of the game:


Baby’s first death. I had heard you could go straight to the final boss in BOTW, and I just had to test it out. Look at that line. Singular in its purpose, absolute in its erasure. You didn’t know what you were chasing after, Link. The Guardians made quick work of you.

What does your Hero’s Path look like? Feel free to share in the comments!

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