Illustration for article titled The emNew York Times/em Puts The Fastest Olympians In History Into One Massive Race

Here's something for history nerds, Olympics nerds, and track and field nerds. The New York Times has put together a startlingly cool multimedia presentation that puts all of the past winners of the 100 meter sprint into a single virtual race together. (I'll also take this opportunity to remind you to watch out for more Kotaku video game reviews in this week's Times.)

Humans are like PCs, I suppose—faster and faster, until the older models look positively pokey by comparison. Come on Tom Burke, Bolt is making you look like a joke!


It's a great way to wrap up the Olympics, particularly because thanks to this whole "not having cable" thing, my enjoyment of the games has been somewhat limited. Mostly to rewatching Elsa Garcia's wicked cool Zelda gymnastic routine.

Did you ever run track and field? If so, what event? Will humans keep on getting faster and faster until the end of time, or will we begin to regress at some point? Feel free to discuss that, or anything else you please, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and be excellent to one another.

One Race, Every Medalist Ever. [NY Times]

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