The New Witcher 3 DLC Is Hiding A Small Secret That Is Normally Impossible To Find

Illustration for article titled The New iWitcher 3/i DLC Is Hiding A Small Secret That Is Normally Impossible To Find

Blood and Wine, the latest (and final) DLC pack for The Witcher 3, has an easter egg that I am frankly shocked anyone found at all. The secret is remarkably well-hidden, and not accessible through normal means.


pippo311lp happened to be messing around with a free-cam mod for The Witcher 3, when the YouTuber noticed a plain on a mountain in the distance. Curious, pippo311lp teleported Geralt there...and found what appears to be a group photo of the CDProjekt RED team, just kind of hanging out in the middle of nowhere.

Aww. Given that this DLC is technically our goodbye to Geralt of Rivia, there’s something pretty heartfelt about being able to see the people who brought such a wonderful game to life. But also: what the fuck? Finding this was just random luck, really. You’re definitely not supposed to be there.


If you’d like to find the painting yourself, make sure to download this mod on PC. Console players, you’re out of luck!

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I don’t know what it is about these games but I just can’t get into them anymore. I played and loved the first one. I never made it out of the first town after the “prologue” of the second one and haven’t even thought about buying 3. Everything about them seems amazing but I just can’t do it. It angers me because it looks like such a great experience.