The New Voice Of The Joker Killed It At Comic Con

Troy Baker, who has replaced Mark Hamill as the Joker in the next big Batman Arkham video game, and who has replaced Nolan North as the ubiquitous voice-actor who seems to star in every other major game, read some lines at New York Comic Con yesterday. And not just any lines. Some lines the great Alan Moore wrote for the Joker in the seminal graphic novel The Killing Joke. Enjoy.

For more on how awesome Troy Baker is, see here (but only if you've already finished The Last of Us!)


Batman Arkham Origins will be out on October 25 on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. It's a prequel.

Video from Comic Con captured by Batman Arkham Videos, spotted by Bleeding Cool.

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No disrespect to Troy Baker (since he is undoubtedly one of the strongest voice actors in the business), but voice acting isn't exactly a job that takes much at all. I prefer the Rockstar approach of getting some no name sap that apparently never heard of your popular property to do the role, it makes things more interesting... and although Baker is a great voice actor, it gets to be a bit of a disconnect when you hear the same voice game after game.