The New SSX’s Ready to Take You Around the World in These New Videos

The dev studios working on EA's upcoming snowboarding reboot are using satellite data to recreate some of the world's most iconic mountan ranges. How do the results look? You can take a gander in three clips above, which take you to near the South Pole, the American Midwest and into a plucky Pacifica principality. There's snow everywhere, waiting for you to own it. SSXis out in about two weeks.

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Honestly, the graphics are nice, but there's only so much of the same snow covered mountain you can take. You snowboard down snow covered mountains and occasionally there's a rallying or a huge obstacle in your way. That's the new SSX in a nutshell. You guys really went crazy with this one. Now was the series always this dull? Oh no, there was SSX Tricky!