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This is singer Mika Nakashima. In the above photo, she is not gross looking. In Resident Evil, however, she is. Funny, that.

The pop star first appeared in the Resident Evil: Afterlife flick as "J Pop Girl"—the first infected person in Japan. Man, she was scary!

Nakashima will be resuming her role as "J Pop Girl" in this year's Resident Evil: Retribution, which hits theaters this September. This time around, J Pop Girl is undead and gross—and scary. Just look at the reactions of people on Japanese television!

Nakashima debuted in 2001 and first hit it big with her song "Stars". Check out her singing "Glamorous Sky", the theme for the Nana movie.

This year, she'll not only appear in Resident Evil: Retribution, but also sing the theme for the version released in Japan.


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(Top photo: Sony Music Japan)