Following the PS4 announcement tease, the Internet seemed to explode in excitement. After spending the last few years with the 360 and the PS3, these reactions are understandable: it's like a collective "FINALLY!" But not everyone is excited, not exactly. Kotaku readers explained why in an informal poll over in Talk Amongst Yourselves.

Here's a reader's digest version of the responses I got.

Platform wars suck

"Always look forward to new hardware, but not looking forward to what community is going to become for months after launch," said BoxSauce.


Looking at at how popular this particular GIF was no matter where I looked, it's difficult to disagree with Boxsauce!


You'd think we'd grow out of this stuff. Apparently not. You can" look forward" to platform fanboys for the months to come.

Maybe you're happy with current-gen?

"I got my Wii U and my PC, so I'm happy," remarked Dyram.

Many people turned out to be late adopters or have an immense backlog to go through—and adding to that pile of shame isn't exactly a priority.


It doesn't pay to be an early adopter

"Eh. I'm definitely not an early adopter, mostly because a console's first year of games is usually pretty awful. I'll treat any new console with a shoebox of skepticism," explained HerpDerpDerp.


When you consider how often new systems inevitably become updated with sexier, cheaper models, or how unlikely it is that first-wave games take full advantage of the tech, having a system day-one isn't always appealing.

And if you're satisfied with current-gen offerings, being an early adopter becomes even less appealing.


The PC master race don't need no new consoles

"I think I'm more inclined to invest into a more powerful PC," said rtanger.

For many, whatever the PS4 or new Xbox come up with would merely be catching up with where PC has been all along. Or, the idea of purchasing a gaming PC seems more appealing in an age where platform exclusives aren't what they used to be.


It's too early to be excited

"I'll be far more excited when I start seeing some launch game line-ups," stated WonderlandsMadHero.


So far, we don't know too many details. There's some vague hardware stuff, along with general aims (like say, wanting consoles to be more social.)


But for many, until we start talkin' games? There just isn't anything to get worked up about yet.

What about you, are you excited, hesitant or apathetic? Let us know in the comments.


EDIT: Feel free to express your feelings with ample gifs! Those are always fun.