The trailer for the new Mortal Kombat game shows a true return to form, with 2D battles, tag-team fighting, gory inside-look combos, and fatalities so cruel you'll be crossing your legs with sympathy pains.

This is the Mortal Kombat fans have been craving. No complicated 3D camera. No toned-down violence to cater to the teen crowd. Just 1-on-1 fighting with the sort of brutal violence that drew fans to the series in the first place.


I especially like the inside-look combo that occurs towards the end of the trailer, peeling back layers of flesh and muscle to show the impact of hits directly on the bones. It's nasty and satisfying at the same time.


We'll just try not to think about the fact that Kung Lao is now wearing a hat covered in Sub-Zero's testicle blood.

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