The New Macross Movie Has a Rockin' First Trailer

Announced back with the release of Macross: Do You Remember Love? on Blu-ray, the new movie Macross FB7: Listen to My Song! premiered its first trailer at Saturday's Macross 30th Anniversary event on the Namco-Bandai stage at the Tokyo Game Show.


Macross FB7: Listen to My Song! is the first major crossover between any two Macross series—in this case 2008's wildly popular Macross Frontier and 1994's Macross 7. The film is reported to be reusing a fair amount of remastered footage from Macross 7 which will then be combined with newly animated Macross Frontier footage. Most of the voice actors from Frontier—both speaking and singing—will be returning to lend their talent as well.

While this trailer uses a fair amount of stock footage from both series, there are a few new scenes that may catch the eye of long-time fans. But best of all, the background music for the trailer is a new Fire Bomber (the fictional band of Macross 7) song, "Virgin Story," which was recorded just for the movie.

Macross FB7: Listen to My Song! will be released in Japanese theaters on October 20, 2012.


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