The New Kid Icarus May Explore Another Dimension: Multiplayer

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Nintendo is finally creating a new Kid Icarus game, Kid Icarus Uprising, after nearly 20 years of downtime for the character. The Nintendo 3DS game may be modernized with a now-expected feature, online multiplayer, according to its creator.


Masahiro Sakurai, Kid Icarus Uprising and the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game designer, tells UK mag Games Master that the 3DS game's "online capabilities are currently being tested." But that doesn't necessarily mean we're guaranteed flying too close to the sun while shooting Micks and Komaytos out of the sky via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

"There could be some versus play but we can't go into any detail," Sakurai teased. "There are a lot of capabilities that expand on what was in the DS that people are taking advantage of."


With the new game's emphasis on air and land based combat, seemingly less on platforming and exploration, Kid Icarus Uprising sounds like the Nintendo 3DS's best candidate for a Warhawk-like dogfighter. If Nintendo is serious about improving its online capabilities, Uprising might be a good place to start.

Kid Icarus Uprising could feature online versus play [Official Nintendo Magazine UK]

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PsychoNun (Is actually a dude)

Being nintendo, if they do the same work they did with SSBB, it will suck.