The New iPad was Made for Board Games Like This

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A few weeks ago I took a look at the iPhone version of classic board game Ticket to Ride. It was great, albeit practical only for a single user. The fancy new iPad edition is much better.

Recently enhanced to take advantage of the latest iPad's retina display, Ticket to Ride now uses the same art employed on the actual board game's maps and cards.

It's the same game - collect cards, build trains, be an asshole - anyone familiar with the tabletop or iPhone (or online) version will be familiar with, only settling into a nice middle ground between the lot of them, having the clarity and ability to "share" across a table as the real edition, but with the time-saving digital enhancements of the computer edition.

If you've never played the board game before and are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, that's something you need to fix ASAP.


Ticket to Ride [$7.49, iTunes]

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The european version has a better set of variables making winning a little more tactical... Or so I've been told.