[Image: gundam_zousho]

In Tokyo’s Odaiba, a new 1/1 scale Gundam Unicorn statue is being built. It’s not finished, but sneak peeks show that this huge Gundam statue’s antenna will move. That’s awesome.

In Unicorn Mode, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit’s antenna juts out like, you guessed it, a unicorn. When it goes into Destroy Mode, the Unicorn Gundam beefs up his armor, exposing glowing sections on the mobile suit, and its unicorn antenna splits into a V-fin. As Hachima points out, like so:

Right now, because the new statue isn’t completed, we don’t have a good look at how the real-life Unicorn Gundam will work, but we do have these sneak peeks:



Can’t wait to see the finished statue.

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