Man, look at the hair on the official LEGO minifigures for the all-new, all-female Ghostbusters. Kevin, get out of the shot. Kevin? GET OUT OF THE SHOT, KEVIN.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones will hit the big screen in Paul Feig’s reboot of the classic comedy franchise on July 15. but before that they’ll star in LEGO’s Ghostbusters Ecto 1 & 2 set, launching July 1.

The set features all four Ghostbusters in minifigure form and a red demon figure.

All that plus an excellent model of the new Ecto 1, capable of seating all four Ghostbusters, and that’s it. Just the four Ghostbusters. Screw you, Kevin.


Look at all of that room! You could almost fit an entire other person in there.


Almost. Sorry, Kevin. You’ll have to walk. Or maybe just stay at the base and answer the phones. You are the receptionist, after all.

Here’s the Ecto 2, a new vehicle included in the WHAT THE HELL, KEVIN!? WHO IS ANSWERING THE PHONES?


The LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto 1 & Go To Hell Kevin set hits stores on July 1 for $59.99.

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