While we got a glimpse of Dragon Ball FighterZ yesterday, today people are uploading full matches—and the game looks sick. Something about going 2.5D really accentuates the action while sticking true to the anime roots.


Developed by Arc Systems, the game looks a bit like what you might expect out of a Marvel vs Capcom title. The whole thing is 3 vs 3 characters, meaning you can pair up some silly combinations to assist each other, if not drop in and out. The fight below plays it pretty straight, though, with Cell / Frieza / Buu on one team, going up against Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. I love the flashiness of powerful moves:

YouTube user PS360HD2 also uploaded some more footage of the demo, with battles taking place across all sorts of maps:

All I can say is: HYPE.


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